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Loading 2020 Cap in AutoCAD

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TitleLoading 2020 Cap in AutoCAD
Applies to2020 Cap
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AutoCAD 2022.x, 2021.x, 2020.x, 2019.x


Normally you would type CAP on the command line within AutoCAD to load. If it does not load or reports “unknown command,” then the following information may be used to help set it up for the first time. 
There are several reasons why 2020 Cap might not initially load within AutoCAD. Some of the more common things we see in the support department are the following:
  • The 2020 Cap software simply wasn’t selected to be installed during the initial installation so only the 2020 Worksheet program gets loaded. 
  • An unsupported version of AutoCAD is installed or perhaps not installed at all.  
  • The software was not installed by the current user. The settings to load 2020 Cap in AutoCAD are specific to the user profile. 
  • A new user was added to the computer. Again being a profile-specific setting, each new user must integrate 2020 Cap to load for the first time. 
  • A supported version of AutoCAD was installed after the initial 2020 Cap software installation

Automatic Integration

1. Fully close and exit AutoCAD.
2. Open 2020 Worksheet.
3. From the 2020 Worksheet "Help" menu, choose Diagnostics.
4. Click the Advanced Maintenance… button in the lower right of the "Diagnostic" window.
5. Click the button “Integrate with AutoCAD
6. Close the "Advanced Software" window and then close the "2020 Diagnostic" window.
7. Open AutoCAD and Type CAP on the command line and press Enter.
8. 2020 Cap should then load. If 2020 Cap does not load, perform the manual integration described below.  

Manual Integration

The first step is to verify that the "Support File Search" path and "Trusted Location" path in the AutoCAD options has the installation folder for 2020 Cap listed. The default installation directory for 2020 Cap on a 64-Bit Windows PC will be C:\Program Files (x86)\2020\CAP Studio. The current supported versions of Windows for 2020 Cap are Windows 8, and 10.  Follow the steps below to verify your installation set up: 
1. In AutoCAD type "OPTIONS" on the command line and press enter. 
2. Click the Files tab and expand “Support File Search Path.”
3. Verify that the installation folder for 2020 Cap is listed under “Support File Search Path.” 
4. Expand the “Trusted Locations” folder. 
5. Verify that the installation folder for 2020 Cap is listed under “Trusted Location.” 
6. If either location is missing the path, then use the "ADD" and "BROWSE" buttons on the right to navigate and select the path and then press OK
7. Click Apply and then close the "Option Window."
User-added image
After the paths have been verified or added, try typing CAP on the command line and press enter. Many times the problem was simply the missing path and 2020 Cap will now load properly. If 2020 Cap still does not load, then it will be necessary to APPLOAD the program to finish setting it up. 
1. Type APPLOAD at the command line and press enter 
2. Navigate to C:\Program Files (x86)\2020\CAP Studio. 
3. Select the correct .ARX for your version of AutoCAD and click Load. If your file extensions are turned off the graphic icon on each of these files should indicate if it is an ARX file.
If you are using AutoCAD Version 2019: Select CAPDesigner23x64.arx
If you are using AutoCAD Version 2020: Select CAPDesigner23x64.arx
If you are using AutoCAD Version 2021: Select CAPDesigner24x64.arx
If you are using AutoCAD Version 2022: Select CAPDesigner24x64.arx
After a few moments you should see 2020 Cap Designer begin to load. You can close out of the Load/Unload Applications dialog. At this point 2020 Cap should be loaded. Once it is loaded, it will stay integrated so that the next time you open AutoCAD, just typing “CAP” on the command line will load the application. If for any reason you are missing the .ARX files mentioned above, then 2020 Cap software was likely not installed fully. 

Showing the Menubar 

 If you do not see the 2020 Cap menu at the top of your AutoCAD screen, type MENUBAR on the command line and press enter. Set the value to 1 and then press enter. The top row of menus should then be displayed. 
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