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Undesired Worksheet Consolidation

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Article Number000001061
TitleUndesired Worksheet Consolidation
Applies to2020 Worksheet
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Applies To:

2020 Worksheet


You send a tagged drawing to 2020 Worksheet. When the worksheet is generated all the line items are consolidated by a part number regardless of the tags.


Review the Worksheet Consolidation Criteria Settings. These settings tell 2020 Worksheet which columns to consider when performing a consolidation. If a column is unchecked, its data will be ignored when considering whether a line item should be consolidated.

In 2020 Worksheet, go to the Tools menu and then choose Preferences.

  1. Click the Common button.
  2. Click the Consolidate Criteria button.
  3. Click Select All to ensure all fields are selected.
  4. Click the Ok button.
  5. Click the Ok button on the preferences window.

Now close the 2020 Worksheet application and recreate the worksheet from the drawing. Items should no longer be consolidated that are tagged differently. Only line items 100% identical across all fields would be expected to be consolidated.

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