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How to Access 2020 Cloud from 2020 Design

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TitleHow to Access 2020 Cloud from 2020 Design
Applies to2020 Design
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Before you proceed

You must create a Cyncly Account to access the 2020 Cloud. If you have an account to post or comment on the forums at, you can use these credentials to access the 2020 Cloud. If you do not have an account, you can create a new Cyncly Account here:

I have created an account – now how do I use it?
To open the 2020 Cloud browser, click the 2020 Cloud icon in the View ribbon.

Or click the Cloud Browser tab on the right end side of the Catalog Browser window screen:


Signing in to 2020 Cloud

If you have successfully opened the 2020 Cloud window, it should look like this (if you are not already signed in):

Click Sign in located in the upper-right corner of the screen

User-added image
In the 2020 Cloud browser pane, type the email address and password you want to use in 2020 Cloud and click Sign in.

User-added image
If you do not have a 2020 Cloud Account, click Create Account, or create your account here
TIP: If you would like your email to be remembered, check the Remember Me box.
NOTE: If you cannot remember your password, click Lost your password? option and you will receive an email to change your password.

Where are 2020 Cloud items?

Browse 2020 Cloud items from the menu below. Click Browse.

User-added image

How do I sign out of 2020 Cloud?

1.    In the top right corner, click the User Name

User-added image
2.    Click Sign Out.

User-added image

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